Giant Community Mobile at the Mingei International Art Museum

I created a free outdoor kids’ art workshop making giant mobiles for the reopening of the Mingei International Museum.

Match 1: Giant Humboldt Squid vs Happy School of Hake Fish

Watch the Hungry Giant Humboldt Squid battle a Happy School of Hake Fish. These enormous, sometimes cannibal, cephalopods thrive in low oxygen areas, which are increasing as the temperature rises up the coast. This squid encounters a local school of Hake Fish. Who will prevail?

Match 2: Renewable Energy vs Fossil Fuels

Renewable Energy and Fossil Fuels take the battle for resources to the mat. Can Renewable Energy compete with the Gasoline-powered player who gets 10x more government subsidies in the US? 

Match 3: Giant Sea Kelp Vs the Purple Sea Urchin

Our oxygen generating, carbon sinking hero, the Giant Kelp Forest is going to battle with the ever-growing, overpopulating appetite of the Purple Sea Urchin.  Who will win when these two battle?

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