Thank you to everyone who participated in the series of artworks on Ocean Optimism and Climate Change Awareness I created at Seaport Village with scientific input from Birch Aquarium and Scripps and Institution of Oceanography!

Glamorous Marine Protected Area Pics

These retro glam photos celebrate ways we can coexist with the ocean with the help of Marine Protected Areas. Help spread the word and get your free Marine Protected Area Glamour pic with a sea creature sculpture from a Marine Protected Area.

Sign up for the free photo shoot February 18th! See some glamour shots and sign up HERE

20 glamorous photos have already been selected for exhibit on the Seaport Village Embarcadero starting February 13th.

Braving the High Seas Podcast

Kids have great questions about the future of the climate. Scientists have some well researched answers. Braving the High Seas podcast gives a voice to the young and curious students and the educated scientists who care deeply about the future of our environment.  Premiers February 12

Making Songs for the Seas: Free song making workshop
Sign up to join the song making workshops where we make songs for the podcast. All are welcome!
February 9th from 1-3pm and 3-6pm
Sign Up Here 

Plankton Tea Leaf Readings with the artist Jessica Ling Findley

Climate change stressing you out?  Come and meet the artist and have your tea leaves read to find another angle to creative solutions at the Plankton Tea House. Get Directions

Sign up for a reservation 

Mon, Feb 17 | 12-3 pm
Wed, Feb 19 | 12-3 pm
Thu, Feb 20 | 12-3 pm
Fri, Feb 21 | 12-3 pm

The Climate Clash Wrestling Match

Mark your calendar and write it on your forehead: 

February 16th, 2020

The mega eco-battle is upon us! Come watch the  660lb Giant Humbolt squid take on a school of local fish! Fossil Fuels vs Renewables?  You gotta see this. This is the professional wrestling battle of our lifetime. BE THERE!!!!

Jules Jaffe’s 3d microscopic films at the Plankton 3d-theater

Did you know plankton provides more than half of the oxygen we breathe?

Wear plankton 3-D glasses and be wowed by a world where the microscopic is magnified to three-dimensional glory captured by Scripps Institution of Oceanography scientist, Jules Jaffe

Sun, Feb 16 | 12-6 pm
Mon, Feb 17 | 3-6 pm
Tue, Feb 18 | 12-6 pm
Wed, Feb 19 | 3-6 pm
Thu, Feb 20 | 3-8 pm
Fri, Feb 21 | 3-6 pm

*extended hours on February 20th during Seaport Sessions

At the Plankton Tea House Get Directions

Big Blue Octopus sculpture arrives Feb 13 to Seaport Village.


The 12 ft tall inflated cephalopod of your dreams awaits you.  Come take a selfie with the Octopus cyanea. This octopus is one of the featured Marine Protected Animals in the Glamour Pics. Coming February you can get cute next to the giant version of it!