Endangered Landscape Series

Victorian’s used stereoscopic viewers to view pictures of distant lands, taking a virtual reality voyage from their parlor. This work imagines a different future virtual tourism, one for viewing extinct natural habitats and resources we have lost to a lack of care. Taking new stereoscopic photographs as well as making stereo images from distant lands in Google Maps, our present treasures are made into myths and obscured by fantastic colors and granular effects.

A set in the series are focused on the border wall between Mexico and the United States of America. If built to span the country, the wall would cut through the habitat of over 93 endangered species including the jaguarundi, the Mexican grey wolf, and the Sonoran pronghorns.

exhibiting in:
Deviate / Landscape
February 16 – March 31

Endangered Landscape Series: The Border Between Jaguarundis 22"x33"
Endangered Landscape Series: The Border Between Jaguarundis 22"x33"

Teaching Experimental Sculpture in France July 1-15

I was recently invited to teach Experimental Sculpture with the Artist Immersion Program in Burgundy, France July 1-15, 2019. If you were ever interested in getting weird with me, learning about Design Thinking and making some art while drinking fine wine, enroll now. Please inquire for details. College credit is available.

Artist Immersion Program France

Jessica Findley Art Anubis Stereoscopic Mask

Port of San Diego Commision

I am honored to be one of the artists awarded a commission by the Port of San Diego to create public work of art. What, when and exactly where it will be remains to be seen! Stay tuned!

Interior Universe, Watercolor on paper 24"x36"

Interior Universe


Interior Universe was the first sale of the year. Thank you to all the collectors for the support of my work.