Seaport Village Ocean Optimism Series

I am currently working on an a series of 5 projects at Seaport Village around climate change and ocean optimism in collaboration with the Birch Aquarium and Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Exhibition openings will span from 12/1/19 – 2/21/20
Check back for upcoming show dates and times.

5 projects listed below:

Glamorous Marine Protected Animal Pics

Celebrate ocean optimism with the success of Marine Protected Areas and some fabulous photos. Come join the fun and get your pic taken with a successful sea creature sculpture from a Marine Protected Area.
Models wanted email for details.

Braving the High Seas Podcast

Listen to a podcast where Scientists and Kids talk about climate change. Then we make a song about it and play it on Seaport Village’s sound system and invite San Diego kids to join us.

The Tiny Made Mighty


Come see a giant inflatable sculpture of a sea creature who has been affected by climate change. Which animal should it be?

Plankton Tea House & 3-d Theater

– Did you know plankton provides more than half of the oxygen we breathe? Come immerse yourself in a paper installation plankton. But wait there’s more…
– Climate change stressing you out?  Come and meet the artist and have your tea leaves read to find ways to creative solutions.
– Be wowed by a  world where the microscopic is magnified to three dimensional glory by Dr Jules Jaffe from Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

The Climate Clash Wrestling Match

The mega eco-battle is upon us! Come watch the  660lb Giant Humbolt squid take on a school of local fish! Fossil Fuels vs Renewables? Who will win?!! Baby Albatross vs Plastic Pollution?! Climate Denier vs Melting Glacier? You gotta see this. This is the professional wrestling battle of our lifetime. BE THERE!!!!