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Marine Protected Area Glamour Pics

Marine Protected Area (MPA) Glam Shots is a project by artist, Jessica Ling Findley, combining retro glamour portraits with sea creatures thriving in Marine Protected Areas (MPA) to highlight successful human actions to help heal our oceans. Get your glam on for the ocean! Sign up to be a model and help spread the word […]

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Stereo Border Wall Between Mexico and USA Silk Screen Prints

Endangered Landscape Series

The Victorian era stereoscopic technology used to make images for virtual tourism was the virtual reality of the past. I imagine a future tourism for viewing extinct natural habitats and resources we have lost to a lack of human vision and care. I shoot landscapes with a stereoscopic camera as well as collage images from [...] Read More

Interior Universe

Interior Universe, Watercolor on paper 24"x36" Read More
Queen Kim Kardashian Selfie, English Royals in the Desert, Acrylic on Mixed Medium

#TimeTouristSelfies Global Series

These "portrait-bombs" tourists who are out of context into existing landscape paintings. The concept began in a Chinese Restaurant where the Italian decor of the prior restaurant was kept intact and Ming Dynasty tourists taking selfies were added to the remaining Italian landscape paintings. Medium: acrylic on mixed medium Exhibited: 2018 Alexander Salazar Gallery Press [...] Read More

#TimeTouristSelfies Eurasia Series

These "portrait-bombs" tourists who are out of context into existing landscape paintings. The concept began in a Chinese Restaurant where the Italian decor of the prior restaurant was kept intact and Ming Dynasty tourists taking selfies were added to the remaining Italian landscape paintings. MEDIUM: acrylic on mixed medium Read More
Video projected under an elevated train track of people swimming from below

Underwater Tea Party

The Rockaway Waterfront Alliance invited me to make the public space under the elevated train more inviting to the people of Rockaway, New York. Reflecting on this beach community’s connection to water, local people were filmed from below and projected under the elevated train structure to appear as if they are defying gravity, creating an [...] Read More
Coyote mytheotype


The Mytheotype Portrait Series explores the intersection of stereotypes and myths of various cultures through textiles in costumes. This model has Mexican and Swiss roots and decided to portray a Coyote who clandestinely guides people over the border and a Coyote spirit, Huehuecoyotl, who is known as a trickster who teaches through pranks. Our world [...] Read More

MYTHEOTYPES: Mother of Dragons

Mytheotype portraits of stereotypes are expanded into mythological creatures. This portrait is of a Hong Kong Grandmother, who labors well into her years and is transformed into the Mother of Dragons, 龍母, Long Mu. Long Mu raised 5 snakes that turned into dragons. In return for her love dragons would help bring rain to her village. Collaboration with Jason Findley, [...] Read More


The Aeolian Ride, is an international art event inviting the public to inflate as sculptures on bicycles, transforming the landscape of the city. The effect is a sort of joy loop: those riding feel the elation of being a child at play, dazzling bystanders who become giddy, returning joy to the riders. Come join the [...] Read More


Visual Meditations Medium: Ink & watercolor on paper 7"x10"   Read More


Created as an audio/visual response to the Difference Engine artists from Ireland, whose work focused on the internal landscape. The snake resonates with the Hopi stories that there is a snake vibrating sound at the earth’s core and the Australian Aboriginal idea of the songline which maps the horizon and crosses the earth with lessons [...] Read More


Perhaps the people of Atlantis had a tool to make 5th dimensions out of our 4th, the way we make 3 dimensions out of 2. These cards are meant to be viewed with the Anubis, Corn Mother and Horus masks. Mysteries of water, the Hopi chakras, the power of the pyramids build the landscape of [...] Read More
green waves


Emanations and patterns from the water. Medium: Watercolor   Read More


DETAILS: Embedded zither performance and installation by Jessica Findley and Victoria Keddie. Originally conceived as an interactive installation the blind. MEDIUM: Zither strings, mallets abandoned furniture, spanned 3 rooms in the convent. EXHIBITION: Performed live at “SEQUENCE OF WAVES” 01.29.11 St Cecelia’s Convent Brooklyn, New York

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DETAILS: The Gate of Anubis is a project of awakening. Anubis is the Egyptian dog-headed god who helps people into the afterlife. Wearing the mask of Anubis allows the two images to go from 2 dimensional to merge into one 3 dimensional image. The imagery depicts connections between ancient symbolism between Hopi, Egyptian, Hawaiian, Mayan […]

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DETAILS: Much like a photo booth, a visitor comes and inserts a donation (which went to a charity Green Apple Kids) and they receive strip of four images of themselves, only instead of a camera inside of the box the artist viewed the visitor through a prism and painted their vibe on the strip, when […]

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DETAILS: Excorcised negative and positives of the past. PUBLISHED: Chinese Wax Job 2010 MEDIUM: Watercolor

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PROJECT: The ghosts we leave in the spaces that we live in. These motions and moments are traced and were meant to be left behind. But because we were in Japan these ghosts were very polite and never left a mess. ROLE: Animated & Directed during residency at the Tokyo Wondersite BONUS MATERIAL

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jessica findley art confluence


DETAILS: an installation composed of 3 parts. 1) Sonic Chandelier – A chandelier suspended from a speaker producing low base sounds. The base sounds are an echo of the period of waves for that day at Far Rockaway, where I surf. It is a reflection on the power of the ocean where all my senses […]

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DETAILS: GROW is a serenade for plants. Living together as lovers, hanging in connected papooses made from reused shopping bags, a plant is paired with a speaker playing sounds and songs especially chosen and made for the plant. Inspired by a vintner in Tuscany who plays classical music to grow better grapes, GROW, is a […]

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  PROJECT: Show + Tell is a collaboration with Margot Jacobs. As the title suggests, about showing and telling existing and hidden happenings in our everyday surroundings and lives. Visitors are invited to attach their secret desires to a series of strings extending from a central point on the gallery back wall to the frame of […]

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An installation space utilizing the human breath to move suspended strings. A memory of the breath remains recorded for newcomers to witness. Collaboration with Margot Jacobs. EXHIBITION: Tisch School of the Arts, NYU

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DETAILS: FRONT Voice-activated, inflatable, conflict suits. You yell and your aggressive sacs inflate while your opponents defensive sacs inflate. A more peaceful way to battle through posture and play. Collaboration with Ralph Borland and Margot Jacobs.

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