Braving the High Seas Podcast

Climate change is stressful, and it’s real. In the Braving High Seas podcast, artist and producer Jessica Ling Findley invited young people with questions about climate change to talk with scientists and explore the roles we can all take to fight climate change. The music for these episodes was created by kids in workshops called “Songs for the Seas” inspired by the podcast topics.

Episode 1: The Plankton Chronicles

“What can plankton tell us about Climate change?” Cole Pennington, a 5th grader, asks Jules Jaffe, a research oceanographer at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The answers to these and other questions are embedded in this fascinating intergenerational conversation!

Episode 2: The Weather on Steroids

How do we know climate change is really happening? Can art help science tell the story of climate change? Guest interviewer Santiago Lopez, a high school senior, speaks with Sasha Gershunov, a research meteorologist and statistician at Scripps, who curated the art & science collaboration, Weather on Steriods.

Braving the High Seas Coral Reefs

Episode 3: Coral Reefs

How is climate change going to affect the food we eat? This week, two fifth-graders talk with Sam Clements, a staff scientist at Scripps Institute of Oceanography studying coral reef ecology in the tropics as well as local effects of global warming and ocean acidification in the nearshore environment.

Episode 4: Climate Science

What is climate science? In this episode, two seventh-graders, Elle and Arrow, speak with Daniela Faggiani Dias, a graduate student of Physical Oceanography and Climate Science and Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Episode 5: Collective Action

What can young people do to fight climate change? Adam Aron, Professor of Psychology at UC San Diego, speaks with high school students Alayah & Nina, who helped to organize the climate walkout at San Diego High School, about actions we can take against the climate crisis.

Seaport Sessions: Artist Jessica Ling Findley introduces ‘Braving the High Seas’ Podcast

Jessica Ling Findley is a multi-media artist, teacher, and designer. In this episode, host Adam Greenfield talks with Jessica about her work, including the Ocean Optimism installation at Seaport Village in February 2020. Jessica also introduces the “Braving the High Seas” Podcast series, where scientists and kids talk about climate change.