Endangered Landscape Series

The Victorian era stereoscopic technology used to make images for virtual tourism was the virtual reality of the past. I imagine a future tourism for viewing extinct natural habitats and resources we have lost to a lack of human vision and care. I shoot landscapes with a stereoscopic camera as well as collage images from Google Maps  to further obscure these granulated images in fantastic colors, mythologizing our present treasures.
A set of the series are focused on the border wall between Mexico and the United States of America. If the wall were built to span the country it would cut through the habitat of over 93 endangered species including the jaguarundi, the Mexican grey wolf, and the Sonoran pronghorns.

exhibiting in:
Deviate / Landscape
February 16 – March 31

Stereo Border Wall Between Mexico and USA Silk Screen Prints
Endangered Landscape Series: The Border Between Jaguarundis 22"x33"
Endangered Landscape Series: Yosemite Falls
Yosemite Falls Stereo Silkscreen Print 15”x18”