Ocean Optimism

This multipart series of artworks on Ocean Optimism and Climate Change Awareness was created for the Port of San Diego at Seaport Village with scientific input from Birch Aquarium and Scripps and Institution of Oceanography with the support of SLP Urban Planning. The goal was to use as many creative methods as possible to connect… Continue reading Ocean Optimism

Underwater Tea Party

Underwater Tea Party Sketch

The Rockaway Waterfront Alliance invited me to make the public space under the elevated train more inviting to the people of Rockaway, New York. Reflecting on this beach community’s connection to water, local people were filmed from below and projected under the elevated train structure to appear as if they are defying gravity, creating an… Continue reading Underwater Tea Party


DETAILS: Embedded zither performance and installation by Jessica Findley and Victoria Keddie. Originally conceived as an interactive installation the blind. MEDIUM: Zither strings, mallets abandoned furniture, spanned 3 rooms in the convent. EXHIBITION: Performed live at “SEQUENCE OF WAVES” 01.29.11 St Cecelia’s Convent Brooklyn, New York


DETAILS: an installation composed of 3 parts. 1) Sonic Chandelier – A chandelier suspended from a speaker producing low base sounds. The base sounds are an echo of the period of waves for that day at Far Rockaway, where I surf. It is a reflection on the power of the ocean where all my senses… Continue reading LUMEN


DETAILS: GROW is a serenade for plants. Living together as lovers, hanging in connected papooses made from reused shopping bags, a plant is paired with a speaker playing sounds and songs especially chosen and made for the plant. Inspired by a vintner in Tuscany who plays classical music to grow better grapes, GROW, is a… Continue reading GROW