Ocean Optimism

This multipart series of artworks on Ocean Optimism and Climate Change Awareness was created for the Port of San Diego at Seaport Village with scientific input from Birch Aquarium and Scripps and Institution of Oceanography with the support of SLP Urban Planning. The goal was to use as many creative methods as possible to connect… Continue reading Ocean Optimism

At-home STEM Art

As an artist I also work for a non-profit called CoTA (Collaborations: Teachers and Artists) developing lessons that integrate art and STEM curriculum to deepen student learning. Here are a few STEM based art projects I have created. Please feel free to share and use. If you make a project tag me in your social media #jessicalingfindley or email me pictures, I’d love to see them.


The Aeolian Ride, is an international art event inviting the public to inflate as sculptures on bicycles, transforming the landscape of the city. The effect is a sort of joy loop: those riding feel the elation of being a child at play, dazzling bystanders who become giddy, returning joy to the riders. Come join the… Continue reading AEOLIAN RIDE