The Mytheotype Portrait Series explores the intersection of stereotypes and myths of various cultures through textiles in costumes. This model has Mexican and Swiss roots and decided to portray a Coyote who clandestinely guides people over the border and a Coyote spirit, Huehuecoyotl, who is known as a trickster who teaches through pranks. Our world… Continue reading MYTHEOTYPES: Coyote

MYTHEOTYPES: Mother of Dragons

Mytheotype portraits of stereotypes are expanded into mythological creatures. This portrait is of a Hong Kong Grandmother, who labors well into her years and is transformed into the Mother of Dragons, 龍母, Long Mu. Long Mu raised 5 snakes that turned into dragons. In return for her love dragons would help bring rain to her village. Collaboration with Jason Findley,… Continue reading MYTHEOTYPES: Mother of Dragons


The Aeolian Ride, is an international art event inviting the public to inflate as sculptures on bicycles, transforming the landscape of the city. The effect is a sort of joy loop: those riding feel the elation of being a child at play, dazzling bystanders who become giddy, returning joy to the riders. Come join the… Continue reading AEOLIAN RIDE